7 Birthday Marketing Tips For Any Business

Birthday Marketing

Birthday MarketingNo matter where you are from, there’s one “holiday” that’s most celebrated around the world and one we can all use in our marketing… THE BIRTHDAY!

 Think about it… every one of your customers, clients, patients or prospects has a birthday, which gives you a reason why to not only contact them, but to offer them something special for their special day.

And you don’t have to be a traditional bricks and mortar type business to benefit from a birthday marketing program.  You can be a business to business marketer, doctor, lawyer, Internet marketer, it doesn’t matter!

What does matter is that you see the value and applicability to creating a (or improving an existing) birthday marketing program and to help you get started, I thought I would share these seven tips with you.

 Tip #1: Create a Memorable Birthday Program

So the first step, if you don’t have one, is to create and name your birthday program.  Give some thought to this and come up with something unique, fun and something you would want to join and be a part of.

Don’t just slap something together, give it some real thought and put some creativity behind it for the name and what you’re going to do to acknowledge a person’s birthday.  If sending a gift, make it fun, unique, valuable and time sensitive!

Tip #2: Collect Birthday Information

I love what they do at Famous Dave’s BBQ (and yes their BBQ is not bad either).  They have put together their P.I.G. Club, which stands for Pretty Important Guest.  

I never imagined I would knowingly sign up for something that called me a P.I.G., but Famous Dave does it so well, I couldn’t resist.  They offer an offline sign-up form every time you eat at their participating restaurants.

When you join the P.I.G. Club they ask you for your birthday (and that of your spouse’s which is pretty smart).  They then proceed to send you valuable offers via email, including a free birthday gift.

One of their franchisees goes a step further  also asks for the birthdays of your children.  They know getting the entire family back in for each and every birthday is profitable for them.

Chances are there is somewhere in your customer or prospect funnel where you can easily ask for the date of their birth.  I would not recommend asking for the year, only the month and possibly the day.  Some people I know only ask for the month and then create a birthday promotion for anybody who has a birthday in that month.

If you’re a local business, you can purchase a list of  local individuals with birthday information from InfoUSA (www.infousa.com).

Even though this would be “cold marketing” it still has a greater potential to get noticed by the recipient by the very fact your recognizing their birthday.  The key to a cold mailing would be to make it look as personalized and 1:1 as possible.

 Tip #3: Facebook™ Makes It Easy

Reaching out on Facebook to say Happy Birthday is easy and painless as long as they are your Facebook Friends.  Once they become a friend, Facebook makes birthday information available and you can easily send birthday greetings and special offers to your Facebook Friends.  I could see this being very powerful for a local business like a bar or restaurant that has a strong following.

 Tip #4: Send a Half Birthday Greeting!

If you have birthday information, you can easily create a half birthday campaign that celebrates their birthday six months ahead.  Talk about a unique and fun way to celebrate a birthday!

You could go as far as literally sending half of a birthday card in the mail, along with half of a letter.  Of course this is stuffed into an envelope that is half of the size of a normal greeting card envelope.    I don’t have enough room here to share all his
images, but download this month’s content for examples of how he helped a local business owner with a half birthday campaign.

 Tip #5: Send a Belated Birthday Message

Most of us won’t have a problem with this one, since most of us probably forget a birthday or two from time to time.  So if you find yourself behind on your birthday marketing, don’t let a past month go by, send a belated birthday promotion.

 Tip #6: Make Your Own Birthday Cards!

Standard birthday cards are fine, but why not make your own unique birthday card you send out to your list?  This will be seen as something 'different' and your customers will take notice.

 Tip #7: Afraid of Freaking People Out?

If you’re afraid you might scare somebody who doesn’t know you (e.g. cold marketing), consider celebrating your birthday, or your pet’s, or a famous person in the news, etc.

So instead of sending a card or email to somebody about their birthday, you are sending it in recognition of another important birthday!

There are many different ways you can tap into the power of the most celebrated holiday in the world and it’s only limited by your imagination and willingness to do something 97% of business owners would never imagine doing.

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