Are You Making Spooktacular Profits with Halloween?

QUESTION: Bob from South Carolina writes:

"Charlie, in my business, I don't sell any Halloween stuff (I'm a real estate attorney), but was wondering if there was still a way to take advantage of Halloween marketing? Can you help me?"


Hi Bob, thank you for your GREAT question!

A strategic entrepreneur always looks for opportunities that exist inside of the conversation already going on inside your clients' heads. As we come close to Halloween, this is a great time to leverage this holiday to make some creative marketing material.

As a real estate attorney, you could send your prospects and clients articles along these ideas (for example):

  • The Scary Truth About Title Insurance (What Most Attorney's Don't Tell You)
  • Why Your Worst Nightmare Might Be Around the Corner (this could be an article about ways people might be able to protect their properties, investments, etc.)
  • Do You Have Skeletons In Your Closet? (perhaps an article about disclosures and what you do about it)
  • Are You Buying a Haunted House? What Every Buyer Needs to Know Before Buying Their Dream Home (this would be a GREAT topic for a press release)
  • How to Prevent Your Buyers From Sucking the Life Out of the Transaction (this could be a letter to mortgage brokers as a lead generation tool for yourself)

These articles can be used for lead generation, press releases, to further the relationship with your client, or to inspire more business with a time-limited offer (this could be a discount, bundled service, or even a product bonus [such as a free book]).

If you want to consider offering a discount, here's an example of how you could create a Halloween themed service at a discount. I know many real estate attorneys also assist in the forming of real estate trusts for the benefit of protecting a property - one idea might be: "This Halloween, you don't need another nightmare. Real estate trusts... (explain the benefit). And, as a preferred client, when you call me to schedule an appointment by November 5th, I'll take 10% off my regular rate."

Hope this helps!

In your corner,

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