Create an Online “Shock and Awe” Package to Swiftly Eliminate Your Competition

Awesome customer evaluation formNot too long ago, a potential client sent me an email. He needed a copywriter and, having been referred to me by a friend of his, he had never seen any of my work.

I immediately replied by sending him my online “shock and awe” package along with a questionnaire asking him to give me more detail about what specifically he was looking to accomplish with his project.

His response: “Wow! Very thorough package...thank you. I need to make sure that I put as much care into the quality of my replies on your application form as you did in the organization of your sales collateral. The good news is that I think I'm in the right place. Let me work on this and get it back to you.”

With a couple of clicks of the mouse, I had essentially turned a warm lead into a raving fan.

Originally, I put together my online “shock and awe” package because I didn’t have any “big name” clients. I thought if I could showcase my relevant experience and give samples of my work, it would give me credibility.

Plus because my online shock and awe package is pretty hefty, (it’s currently a little over three megabytes and 50 pages) it not only demonstrates that I can write, it separates me from the crowd. By showing the best of my work and a wide variety of the type of copy I offer along with a number of credibility factors, it instantly separates me from copywriters just starting out and the ones who are uncomfortable marketing themselves.

You’ll find that an online “shock and awe” can do the same for you. Even better, you’ll discover it to be a time-saving way to screen clients and discover only those serious about using your products and services.

Plus, it not only removes apprehension about hiring you, it helps you command the price that your products and services are worth instead of haggling over price or having to worry about potential clients doing comparison shopping.

In other words, an online shock and awe package gives you an immediate way to impress a prospect (or client) and can help you instantly move yourself to the front of the crowd.

Items you might want to include in your online shock-n-awe package are:

  • Testimonials: You can create a page or two of testimonials and/or include testimonials on pages alongside other pieces of you package. For example, on your order form or in your FAQ section. You might also consider including video testimonials.
  • Case studies: Case studies show a challenge your client was having, the solution you provided, and the results. This showcases your success in a measurable way.
  • Your qualifications and experience: Don’t simply list these, present it in a more interesting way by either writing an article that tells a story or include this information in a short bio or in your frequently asked questions section.
  • Articles which have been written about you or your business: Pick a few of the best pieces of media coverage on you, your product or services and include those. Because this is digital, if you’ve had TV coverage or a radio interview, you can include these too.
  • Recent news or press releases: If you don’t have any press, you might consider writing a press release about something new and exciting in your business and include that.
  • Frequently asked questions with answers: Consider setting this up more conversationally and use it as an opportunity to address common objections. For example, in my package, I ask and answer the questions “Do you have experience in my field?, Do you have a direct response and copywriting background?, Speaking of money, what does it cost to hire you for a project?” and more.
  • A partial list of clients and experience: If you handle different categories of customers, consider creating several packages, each personalized to that audience. For example, if you sell to B2C (Business to consumer) and B2B (Business to business) you might create two separate packages, one that caters to consumers and one to businesses.
  • Samples of your work or results: For example, if Mike put together an online shock and awe package for CopyDoodles, he could include copies of actual “CopyDoodles” or “CopyDoodled” postcards and letters. Pictures can work really well here too. For instance a caterer would include pictures of dishes they’ve prepared or events they’ve catered. A realtor might show a picture of a large home she sold with a for sale sign in the yard. Or you can include pictures of a product you sell.
  • An article about how you do business: Use this to distinguish yourself and show how you do business better and differently. Include a picture of yourself to personalize it and let your prospect “see” that you are a real person.
  • Your guarantee: Diminish or eliminate anxiety your prospect may have about purchasing your product or service by highlighting your guarantee.
  • An order form: While I don’t include prices in my online “shock and awe” and I recommend you don’t either, you can include an “order form” that will allow prospects to take the next step and request an appointment with you, etc. My order form includes questions about what type of project they need help on, who their audience is, when they need the project completed by and more so that I can zero in on their specific needs when I speak with them. This also helps me weed out projects that aren’t a good fit so that neither I nor the prospect wastes time.
  • Videos: Include videos that demonstrate how to use your product or service, someone using it, a presentation or speech you gave on a topic related to your prospect’s business.
  • Photos: Photos of yourself, your business, your product, your customers, all add credibility and make your business seem real. Plus they draw attention. Be sure to include a caption under every photo.
  • Relevant articles you’ve written: Again different packages might include different articles. The key is to include things that will interest your target audience.
  • A short bio and all your contact information: A bio helps to further personalize your package and shows the face behind the name. This can make you more likeable to consumers too.

When you put together your digital “shock and awe” package, a couple of recommendations are:

  • Create bookmarks. If you create a PDF to send through email, make it easy for your customer to find the section they want to see without having to scroll through pages of content by inserting bookmarks. You can also create links within the PDF to video, pages on your website and more.
  • Create a page on your website. Consider putting your shock and awe package on your website as a hidden page. You can simply transfer all of the information onto your website. To make it easy to direct people, consider “housing” it on one page.

    For example, my son is in the music industry where they pretty much only deal in online packages. His package includes music videos, audio clips of his original music, photos, links to articles, TV appearances, and radio interviews with pull-out quotes, his bio, a schedule of his upcoming performances, how many online fans he has, and more all accessed from one web page.

    I can email a link to prospective venues that want to book him, music producers, and other interested parties in a matter of seconds. All the information is housed on one page so they can easily get an overall snapshot and then delve into individual pieces that they wish to see. Plus, by having it in one place it also makes it easy to update.

  • Customize for different types of clients. To give an even bigger impact, customize your online shock and awe package for different target audiences. This is easy to do, because you don’t have the expense of printing and supplying physical products. In my world, I have clients who just want a website, clients who want a little of everything, and clients who only are interested in email marketing. So I have different samples in my packages. For example, while I always include a variety of samples to show the types of work I do no matter what, when I know I’m going to primarily be writing emails for a client, then my samples are going to be mostly samples of emails I’ve written.

As a business owner, you want to create advantage quickly. An online digital shock and awe can do just that by having a quick way to demonstrate that you are the only clear choice for the consumer.

When you do, you will stand out from the crowd and greatly reduce if not eliminate the "can you lower your price"

This is a guest post by marketing strategist and copywriter, Cindy Cyr.  You can find her at 

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