Create Your Own Personalized Gift Certificate

Here's a unique marketing idea from my friend Mike Capuzzi at CopyDoodles that I thought I would give it to you to test, modify and distribute to your customers and prospects.

Let's face it, who doesn't like to receive gift?!  And getting a personalized gift certificate is special.

By the very virtue of this template being a gift and being personalized to the recipient, you have a double barrel response weapon.

Gift Certificate Letter

The idea is to create a letter with a personalized certificate which gets printed at the top. By using the Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word, you can print customized certificates letters for your entire list.

You’ll also notice I’ve included personalized copy in the body of the letter too, increasing the “me to you” feeling of this letter!

This letter is created to celebrate Valentines Day - but, of course you can tweak this letter and make it about spring or some other holiday or event. I chose Valentines Day because I thought it was a good reason to send out a gift.

To get this gift certificate template (including the sample letter and all the graphics), just click on the link below.


Insiders' Gift Certificate Graphics Folder (Right Click, Save As)

So enjoy this template ... profit from it as much as you can ... and keep an eye out for more great information that I will happily share with you as a valued Insiders' Club Member!

When you use it, would you also send me a copy in the mail?

In your corner... always!


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