Create Your Own Yellow Pad Letter and School Pass Postcard/Web Graphic

School Pass

Handwritten Yellow PadIf you’re a student of marketing that stands out and gets attention then chances are you’ve seen simulated handwritten letters on yellow pad paper and if you’re like me – it got your attention.  This tactic can be an excellent way to increase the response of your marketing.

And if you’re really like me, you wonder how you can recreate this for your business and use it in your marketing. If this is you, I have good news, because this month, I’m going to show you how you can create a realistic, personalized handwritten letter on actual yellow legal pad paper – right in your own office!

This unique marketing piece is a great:

  • Idea for a letter to existing customers
  • Insert for a newsletter
  • Graphic for an HTML email
  • Way to stand out and is only limited by your

Five Simple Steps to Create a Handwritten Letter on Yellow Pad Paper

  1. Find the right type of yellow legal pad paper that will work in your printer.  The brand I’ve used was purchased at a local office supply store and it has a weight of 20 lbs, which makes it sturdy enough to run through the printer.  NOTE: Make sure you test the paper and that it works smoothly before proceeding to the next step.

  2. Set up your document in your word processing package and a handwritten font.  The benefit of this technique is that it allows you to personalize your letter to the recipient using the mail merge feature.
  3.  Adjust the line spacing so that your copy lines up closely (it doesn’t have to be perfect) with the paper lines.
  4. Add other handwritten designs (like arrows or smiley faces) to create a more personal touch.
  5. Print your letter 🙂

If you’ve done everything right, you should now have a realistic, personalized handwritten letter printed on actual yellow pad paper.

Another option is to have your printer print on yellow paper. Mike Schnitzius has a ton of experience creating this type of letter and can be contacted at [email protected]


School PassHow to Create Your Own Late Pass, Hall Pass or Tardy Slip for a Fun Postcard Campaign

The other template I’m giving you this month is my School Pass postcard template.  You can use this fun-looking template for a print postcard campaign or even as a graphic for web use.

It gives you a way to offer an “excuse” for something....

I’m sure you can think up reasons why to offer this note to your prospects and customers (and don’t forget to send me a copy too!).

You can download the Hall Pass template here.

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