Creating Your Own "Birth Certificate" Marketing Campaign


I don’t recall ever seeing this type of marketing piece ever before, which means it gives you a special opportunity to create a stand-out marketing piece - and, to give credit where credit is due ... this idea came from creative marketer, Mike Capuzzi.

This is especially useful if you want to develop a unique direct-mail campaign to announce “the birth” of:

  • A new product
  • A new service
  • A new event
  • A big new idea in your industry or niche
  • Your own (or co-worker’s) child

In early testing,   500 of these birth certificates were sent in the mail to past customers, which resulted in 64 new subscriptions from this one mailing (that’s a 13% conversion rate).

So this template works - if you use it!

There’s no shortage of ideas on how you can effectively use this template and I am anticipating seeing some great usage examples from all of you!

While I created this to be a direct mail campaign, you can easily use this graphic in HTML emails and web sites.  I’ve given you everything you need for online use and all you will need to do is resize the graphic.

My Specifics

I created this template in Word version.

The retro typewriter font I used is called “Typical Writer” and while I cannot give that to you, any font could work.  Search online for typewriter style fonts ( is good choice).

While I could have easily sent these as postcards, I wanted to make sure they arrived in pristine condition, so I spent the extra money to have them mailed in a clear envelope so they would get the attention of the recipient.

So there you have my birth certificate template!  Keep me posted on how you use it!

You can download the WORD template here.

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