Escaping the Commodity Trap

How to Stop Competing on Price and Get Customers Happy to Pay Premium Prices for Your Products / Services


Let’s face it: nobody needs a $4.50 Starbucks coffee (and if you think it’s because it tastes better, wait until you see what Charlie reveals in the above presentation).

So why are we willing to spend more money on a cup of coffee from Starbucks as opposed to a cheaper alternative?

Harley Davidson doesn’t sell the cheapest motorcycle, yet they are a dominant player too…

The truth is consumers are not as price sensitive as we’re led to believe…

But the myth of cutting price to compete has forced entrepreneurs to think this is a primary strategy to boost sales.

Inside this presentation, Charlie not only shares the secrets for not competing on price – he also shows us how to get premium prices for our products and services… and still dominate our markets!


Presentation Transcript
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