How a Coffee Mishap Created a Surprise Double Digit Response!

Coffee Spills

Coffee SpillsI love coffee. Black, no sugar and the darker and stronger the better. Nothing like a Starbucks Sumatra or French Roast to start the day in my opinion.

So it should come as no surprise that this month’s template was inspired by a true incident earlier this year.

I was in the middle of writing an article and as I do, pretty much every day, I sat down at my computer with my thermal mug of hot java.

Being a computer geek, I know keyboards and coffee don’t go well together and I always try to be careful not to spill.

But the marketing gods must have been looking over me, because it wasn’t too long before I dumped almost an entire mug of Starbucks Gold Coast all over my desk and papers.

Now you’re probably thinking I must have cursed out loud… and you would be right (it wasn’t pretty), but my anger quickly turned into an “ah-ha” as I wiped my desk down.

I quickly went to work creating a set of new coffee spills and drips and created a letter around my mishap. I turned to one of my go-to cartoonists who created a quick cartoon for me and sent the letters out in the envelope with the spill image.

Response was in the double digits and I received more than a few positive emails and notes about the mailing.

And now as a member of the Predictable Profits Insiders’ Club – it’s yours…

… to take and modify for your business and your own “coffee spill” story. Use it to convey:

• Excitement over something
• Surprise over something
• Exhaustion over working so hard for your customers

I think you get the idea.

Keep me posted and send me a copy of your own coffee spill campaign.


This article and the image is a benefit for Insiders’ Club Members and inspired by our friend, Mike Capuzzi.

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