How to Use Webinars to Add to Your Bottom-Line Sales

WebinarThere’s a good chance everybody reading this has attended at least one webinar, but if not, a webinar is typically a live video and audio presentation where attendees can see your computer screen and hear you (and other panelists) talk as you navigate through a presentation, “how to” demonstration or anything else you’re showing on your computer.

I believe just about any business owner can use webinars in their business.  Live and recorded webinars are a smart way to add bottom-line sales and more unique and credibility-boosting value to your business and marketing efforts.

Webinars have been around for years and are a great way to host virtual meetings and presentations without ever having to leaving your office or home.

They’re super-convenient for your attendees because they can attend without having to leave their office or home and can simply watch and listen on their computer, iPad, or even a smart phone!

Webinars can offer your attendees a rich, interactive environment and give you the flexibility to provide a number of useful ways you can interact with your attendees in real time.

These features include:

  • handouts before or after the webinar
  • the ability for attendees to ask questions
    during the webinar presentation
  • live chat with attendees
  • live attendee polls for instant feedback
  • automatic follow-up marketing

The other good news is if you can use a computer - you can host webinars. I cannot think of a single type of business owner who could not figure out how to host either live or recorded webinars and help strengthen their relationship with their customers, clients and prospects either in a small, 1:1 webinar or a large group webinar.

Today’s webinar technology allows you to host LIVE webinars or RECORDED webinars that can be played on-demand or on some type of pre-determined schedule.  And before you think you cannot use webinars in your business or think they are too complicated, I want you to know neither of these thoughts is correct and to prove my point, I’m going to describe several ways,  different types of business owners (both offline and online) can use webinars to generate or reinforce their business relationships.

Think about your own business and how you might be able to use webinars as you read through these scenarios.

Restaurant Owner – Online Classes

A smart restaurant owner could host virtual cooking classes for a fee where they show attendees how to make their signature dishes.  In this scenario, the owner could show videos or photos of how the food is prepared.

Estate Planning Lawyer – How to Presentation

Having personally just gone through this experience and having to attend several in-office meetings to go through forms, I can envision an estate planning lawyer using webinars to walk their clients through complicated legal forms and outline the entire estate planning process either live on a monthly basis or via a webinar replay.

Real Estate Agent – Virtual Tours

In the ultra-competitive world of real estate agents, rising above the mediocre masses is critical.  Imagine a forward-thinking agent who offers her clients the opportunity to learn about a number of homes without hours of driving around.  A personalized presentation could be given to a client and then after they’ve narrowed down their preferences, property visits could be made.

Software/Technology Sales Professional – Demos

The smart technology sales professional could use webinars to generate leads for their products and services.  Direct mail, email marketing and social media marketing could all funnel leads into a webinar presentation quickly and easily and without ever having to jump on a plane.  Software demos and Power Point presentations work great as webinar content.

Information Marketer - Product Creation

Webinars provide a great way to create content that could be used to create print or electronic products that can be sold.  A consultant or info-marketer could host a number of paid or free webinars and on each he is interviewing a guest expert on a specific topic.  These webinars could be recorded and turned into videos, DVDs, books and courses.

SEO Expert – Lead Generation Training Course

An SEO expert could use webinars in several different ways.  He could host free, live lead generation webinars to show people how to do keyword research and then offer the opportunity to work with him as a consultant.

He could also develop a 10-part course, with each part consisting of a webinar session showing a specific SEO topic.  He could sell seats to the live webinars, record them and then use them in a webinar replay system that offers the 10 webinars over the course of 10 weeks in order to get additional sales.

Internet Marketer – Selling Products

An Internet/Affiliate Marketer could easily add webinars to drive new sales to large groups of attendees.  Imagine a weekly webinar where she hosts affiliate partners on a content-rich webinar and then offers their product at the end of the webinar.

So there you have a few different ideas I came up with for different types of business owners.  The use of webinars in your business is only limited by your creativity and imagination.

Next, I'll provide you with a webinar automation plan... stay tuned.

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