Marketing Minute - August 31, 2012

I just got back from sunny San Diego with my family ... and what better way to kick off my workday than to give you 3 more marketing tips to help you out-earn your competition!

  1. Create Your Niche - As a business owner, we often fall into the trap of believing our product/service can help everyone (and it probably could!).  The challenge is that most people believe their situation is completely unique and, as the saying goes, if you try to speak to everyone - no one will listen. The more you niche down to a particular need/want - the more likely they will believe you understand their problem.
  2. Give People a Reason to Buy Now - When it comes to spending money, everyone procrastinates until the very last minute.  To compete with our natural tendency to delay - put a limit on the availability.  Perhaps time-limited or quantity limited offers.  Be genuine with your scarcity - the moment people feel your scarcity is just marketing jargon, they'll begin to lose trust in your message.
  3. People Buy Cures NOT Prevention - People will spend endless amounts of money on a "cure" for something (i.e. health, finances, confidence, sex appeal, more time, etc.) but will invest very little in prevention.  All products and services offer some sort of "cure" - what's the best result  your product/service offers your clients?

There's three marketing ideas for helping you build and maintain your edge...

And there's lots more coming!

With gratitude,


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