Marketing Minute

Here are 3 marketing tips to help you radically increase your bottom line profits:

  1. "Sell Money At a Discount" - this is perhaps one of the most valuable copywriting / sales / marketing tips for the entrepreneur selling products and services.  If you want to sell more, you want to make your offer seem like they're getting a LOT more value than the cost of the product alone.You can do this by citing actual customer results or by adding bonuses, add-ons, guarantees, etc.
  2. "Always Be Working on the Next Promotion"- When we do well, it's common to let our guard down and get comfortable ... however, our competitors aren't resting.There's always time to be working on the next promotion! Give people a reason to buy!
  3. "Communication is the Key to a Successful and Widely Profitable Customer Relationship" - If you're not communicating with your customers with enough frequency, they'll not only forget about you - they become vulnerable to being won over by another competitor.

There's three marketing ideas for helping you build and maintain your edge...

And there's lots more coming!

With gratitude,


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