The Power of Handwriting to Grab Attention!

Handwriting Example

Bill Glazer Handwritten LetterUnless you're new to the Predictable Profits Insiders' Club, you know I am a HUGE fan of using handwriting (and hand-drawn doodles) in marketing and advertising.  Both are an ultra-effective way to connect with people and it’s one of the most effective copy cosmetic techniques to grab the attention of your reader, either online or offline.

In today’s day and age where everything seems to be computer-generated, the use of handwriting as a marketing tactic is one of the most powerful and often under-utilized strategies. The speed and ease of computers, word-processing programs and desktop printers has made handwriting practically obsolete, yet handwriting connects with people at a deep, emotional level and signifies a personal connection no technology can replace.

By adding handwriting and hand-drawn elements to your marketing mix, you can gain new levels of attention and response.  Top copywriters, marketers and advertisers understand the power of handwriting, handwritten and hand-drawn enhancements and use them often.  According to Herschell Gordon Lewis,

 “Why does handwriting work so well in a era of electronic automation?
Precisely because we are in an era of electronic  automation.
Handwriting says to us, “We still think of you as an individual.”

 In this day and age of gizmo-generated everything, the power of handwriting stands out. You cannot help but see this technique used more and more in print, online and video-based marketing…

jeffg … and you should see it in your marketing and promotional campaigns too!

When you introduce a handwritten or hand-drawn element to the mix, your marketing becomes very different in a simple, human-personality kind of way.  Legendary direct marketer and author of Common Sense Direct Marketing, Drayton Bird, says,

 “The use of handwritten notes in the margins can add variety
and interest to the eye and brain.”

If you’re not using handwriting and doodles in your marketing, I hope this post sheds some new light on this marketing tactic.

Figure out new ways to connect with your prospects and customers.

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