Use a Vintage “Elixir” Template to Spice Up Your Profits!

Elixir_generic_exampleThis month I’m giving you my “elixir template,” which is designed to look like a vintage ad for your product or service. It can be customized with your own images and with or without the man/woman graphics. It is designed as a 6” x 9” double-sided postcard, but you can also use it as an advertisement, web graphic or even the cover of a unique-looking free report.

I love vintage advertising and marketing and truth be told, I’ve spent many hours searching ebay for old ads, magazines and such.

My office has all kinds of original marketing examples dating as far back as the 1920’s (including an original, John Caples display ad for the U.S. School of Music – you know the one… “They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano…”).

If you’re a student of early 20th century advertising, you’re familiar with the classic “remedy and elixir” ads and product packaging that were art in their own right.

Now while many, if not most, of these advertisements sold snake-oil, their design and layout was classic.

In particular, I’ve always like the packaging design that was common on the various remedy products that were for sale (the written copy tended to be in a class by itself and if you’ve never studied old ads or product packaging, you should do so. At a minimum, they will provide you with a good laugh or two!).

elixir4During recent visit to an antique shop, I saw a vintage medicine bottle and something clicked and a few days later, I had created a similar-looking graphic which you can see on page 2.

The bottle I saw used the word “elixir”, which is a word you don’t hear too often these days and I immediately thought “Predictable Profits is an elixir to plain, boring marketing” (before any medical professionals email me, I know it’s impossible for something like Predictable Profits to be an elixir, but I like the image it painted in my head, so I went with it).

The graphic I created will be used for an oversized postcard mailing and the template I am giving you this month allows you to customize it for your product or service.

Without a doubt, this template will help you get attention for your product or service and you don’t have to use it as a mailer. You can create it for your shock and awe package or even use it online as a web-site graphic. It could even be used as a unique cover for a free report.

The template comes with a number of public domain fonts and images (including the man shown and a similar style woman). I’m giving it to you as a Microsoft Publisher file and a Photoshop layered PSD file.

When you use it, please send me a copy as I would love to see what you have done with it!

Download all your materials by clicking here.

[Charles Gaudet purchased the exclusive license from Mike Capuzzi exclusively for the use of our Insiders’ Club Members.  Just another way we can serve you better. Enjoy!]

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