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A Personal Note from Charles Gaudet

Dear Strategic Entrepreneur, Friend and Insider,

Although you and I own different businesses, my team and I hold the attitude of a partnership.

It's your business and your decisions but we want to think our tools, insights, resources and ideas will help you maximize your profits and build a legacy you're proud of....

The Predictable Profits Insiders Club was founded as a way to allow me to share what's working, what I'm learning and the many ways we're developing competitive advantages in our own businesses, our private clients and our Insiders'.

Most of this information I distribute inside of our monthly paper & ink newsletter which is sent to the printer by the 15th of every month.

Now in no way would I claim this Club is complete ... in fact, I'd almost go so far as to say we're just getting started.  The Insiders' Club is a work-in-progress and,  as we come up with new ways to serve you even better, we will update the site and your many benefits.

... and we're counting on your feedback to let us know how we're going and what we can do to serve you better.

Our commitment is to be the #1 marketing resource for entrepreneurs on the planet ... and we're doing everything we can bring that vision into a reality for you.

Thank you!

In your corner,

Charles Gaudet

P.S. To get you started, please grab a pen and paper, kick back and enjoy this audio:


On the audio, you'll discover:

  • how to create a dependable, consistent and predictable income fueling both your personal net worth and the value of your company!
  • the biggest difference between the "good old days" and today's "new economy" and what you can do about it!
  • the 3 essential components for dominating your market quickly in any business regardless of the price of your product or service!
  • what predictable profits means for your business and why it's the ultimate goal of every strategic entrepreneur!
  • the 3 phases of relationship marketing and why it's critical to boosting your profits!
  • the fatal mistake most entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their business and how it's hurting your growth!